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 Slim Down With Hypnosis

Adopting a Chronobiology diet is a simple and proven method to achieve an overall well-being

A customized support plan that combines a chronobiology diet along with hypnosis to help you learn to listen to your body and to your emotions for a long lasting way to manage your weight.

Slimming down with no food restrictions

Maintaining your weight in a healthy way

Losing weight permanently

Free yourself from frustrations and failures from past diets that did not work!

You know that diets don't last very long and that deprivation is not the key to managing your weight and your well-being.

You have lost weight but have gained it back and maybe added some pounds.

And lost self-confidence!

So what now? And why is this support plan different?

Listen to your body

First, it’s not a diet based on deprivation but rather a new way of eating based on your own natural rhythm and internal clock.


Chronobiology lifestyle means synchronizing your eating habits with your internal clock.

It consists of eating the right food at the right time, taking into account biological rhythms.

The principle is to provide your body with the food it needs when you need it and can benefit from it the best. 

Knowing and respecting your natural rhythm is the way to lose weight permanently.


Remember! It's not so much what you eat that counts, but what type of food you eat, and at what time!


So how can hypnosis help you?

Listen to your emotions

Adopting new eating habits is one thing, but dealing with emotions, wounds, stress or more is another.

Hypnosis will help you access the emotional reasons that may have caused your weight gain to better understand your needs in a healthy way.


Eating chocolate, sugar, snacking, or overeating when stressed, tired, frustrated or when you feel discomforted may feel good in the short term, but doesn't feed your needs!

By learning the situations and emotions that make you eat poorly, you will understand what is hidden behind your eating habits or compulsions. 

Hypnosis is essential to:

Manage weight-related emotions

Free yourself from certain false beliefs

Incorporate new behaviors

Free yourself from some automatisms, food addictions

Change your eating habits

Strengthen your motivation and achieve your goals

Manage and welcome your new body and new look

Regain your self-confidence

Find love for yourself and your body

My goal is to help you resolve the conflict you have with food, to help you slim down and gain back your self-confidence for a better health and a better life.


How does the slimming down with hypnosis support plan work?

My slimming hypnosis support plan takes place in 5 sessions.

Session 1 (2h30) is scheduled in the morning.

During this first session, we will review your eating habits, beliefs and the possible causes and the origin of your weight gain.

We will discuss the fundamental rules of nutrition based on chronobiology and will determine what achievable goals you want to reach based on your desires. 

The last 30 minutes of this session will be dedicated to hypnosis.

Session 2 (70 to 80 min) is scheduled two weeks after.

It includes a review of your progress and hypnosis time.

We take note of the changes you put in place after the previous session and will re-adjust your goals accordingly.

The remaining sessions are scheduled each month for 3 months. 

You have the choice to change your relationship with food and become who you really are, just by respecting your own chronobiology!

Rates and packages:


Pay as you go:

$350 for the first session, $270 for the remaining sessions


Package of 5 sessions:


if you purchase a package, use some of the sessions, and decide you would like a refund for the unused portion, I will gladly adjust the billing for the already-used sessions to the full session rate ($350) and refund your remaining balance.

Thank you, 

Dominique at H2 Hypnosis 

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