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Quit Smoking Or Vaping For Good

And Regain Control With the Power of Hypnosis

Are you trying to quit smoking or vaping? Have you failed in the past? Hypnosis can lead you to success.

Human beings are creatures of habits thus it's difficult to brake behaviors. Bad habits typically form to manage stress, to overcome anxiety, and to promote relaxation in your life. They serve as distractors. 

The difficulty you run into when you try to break a bad habit is that it doesn't respond to orders and doesn't last very long. You tell yourself firmly not to do it, and even feel sure you won't do it... you find yourself doing it again, and again. And finally you give up telling yourself that you can't help it!

Hypnosis will help you change your behavior and thinking patterns, that are usual negative. The key to remedying a bad habit is to find out what triggers it and what needs are being met, and then to find new behavior that not only satisfies those needs, but also satisfies them without negative consequences.

Hypnosis works and you are not alone.

It’s not easy to choose a person to help you with your concerns. As a Registered Hypnotherapist in Washington State and Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, 

I am here to help you beat your bad habits.

Request your free consultation and learn how hypnosis can help you getting ride of your bad habit

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Getting ride of bad habits is not easy but you are not alone and hypnosis can help! 


I had a wonderful experience with Dominique who helped me stop smoking in just 4 sessions. I really liked her professionalism, her empathy and her sweetness. I highly recommend her hypnotic work to all who need help in their lives.

Isabelle D.

“Controlling my stress and anxiety has always been a challenge for me, not only if affected my performance at work, it also created some tensions in my personal life. I've had some panic attacks that ended up being a wakeup call at all levels. My blood pressure went off the roof and constant dizziness kicked in.

Hypnotherapy is quite an experience but it worked for me. I'm feeling way more relaxed, my dizziness went down, blood pressure is stable, and everything seems to be back to normal. I can't speak high enough about Dominique and my experience with her and I strongly recommend anyone, once in your lifetime, to at least try it!"

Patrick D.

"Dominique is a wonderful human being and she is very passionate about helping others. When talking to her you know she is listening and that she will help you come up with the best approach to your problem."

"When I first met Dominique I immediately trusted her, and I felt safe to tell her anything. Warm and professional."

Contact Me & Learn More

13014 NE 71st Ct, Kirkland, WA 98033 

 Tel: (425) 201-4161

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