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Online Hypnosis

While most of my sessions happen in my office, I understand that you may not be able to travel in Seattle to work with me or just don't have the ability to come my way.  Online session has many benefits. It's convenient, it can save you time, confidentiality and privacy. You can  also choose to work with the hypnotherapist of your choice, not just the one near your home.

 Online Hypnotherapy works very well and is at effective as long as you follow instructions, like during a face to face session.

Commons Questions about your online session 

  • What is required? You must have a computer or stable tablet with a camera and a high speed internet connection and headphones with microphone if you are concerned about the sound quality.  You will be asked to install Zoom software on your computer (this is like a video conference). A test meeting prior to the session will be conducted.

  • What is the best environment?  You must have an adequate chair, sofa or recliner and a blanket.

  • What if there is noise? Make sure you are in a room where you can close the door to prevent family members and/or pets from coming to the room. Advise your family members  that you will be in session, they should not interrupt you or make noise outside the room.  Turn off the ringer on your phone and disconnect all other programs running on your computer that may interrupt your sessions. You may also use your headphones with microphone.

  • What if the connection goes down during the session? You will quickly notice the silence and you will open your eyes on your own. We'll use your back up line to continue the session. If the connection can't be reestablished, we will reschedule your session.

  • What if the computer dies? First, make sure you computer in not set up to go into sleep mode less than 3 hours ant that is powered up.   If there is a technical issue, you will notice the silence and will open your eyes on your own. I will contact you by phone and we'll continue the session either on your tablet or on your phone. 

  • What if the sounds and video don't work after the session has started? You will quickly realize that something is not working properly. You will open your eyes and I will contact you by phone to solve the issue.

  • What if there is an emergency?  You will open your eyes and address the emergency accordingly. 

A test meeting will be scheduled before your session and all other questions can be addressed at that time.

Online  hypnotherapy is as effective as a face to face session.

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