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Image by Lee Myungseong

 Slim Down With Hypno-Diet 

A program to reintroduce pleasure into your diet & to slim down

Hello, I'm Dominique and I am a hypnotherapist with a focus on weight management and eating behaviors.
I am specialized in a method that combines nutrition, balance and hypnosis in order to find your ideal weight.
With my guidance, you will discover how to slim down by reconnecting with your body, its true signs
of hunger/satiety and by improving your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Today with all the information you have access to, it may seems easy to know what needs to be done
to manage your weight. You may already have tested many diets or even undergone surgery.
You have been told to ban some food from your diet in order to slim down leading to frustration
and ending with a poorer outcome than when you started.
There is an obvious observation which is that everything that you have done so far to slim down
does not last for ever.

Hypnosis is not a magic wand to overcome your eating habits, but it is very effective in
allowing you to implement new eating behaviors, learn to love yourself again, regain self-confidence
and manage your weight.

For long term result, it is essential that you have acquired knowledge about what happens in your body
when you eat.
It is essential to get rid off all your beliefs about food, such as believing that pasta, chocolate... make you
gain weight and more importantly learn again how to reconnect with your hunger, your satiety and
put the notion of pleasure back on your plates.

I am convinced that the body and the mind are intimately linked to slim down!​

Are you ready to make peace with food and enjoy life ?
If so, this support plan is made for you!

In order to succeed, this support plan consists of 6 sessions approximately at the rate of one session
every 3 weeks.
It includes 2 sessions focused on how to implement balanced eating behavior by understanding on how your
body works when you eat along with 30 minutes of hypnosis.
And 4 hypnosis sessions (or more if needed) to work on the emotions that currently make you eat,
crave sugar, chocolate or anything else that soothes you and to resolve the conflicting relationship with food all the while regaining a better health and well-being. 


Your desired and healthy weight is obtained naturally by listening to your body and your emotions

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