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Healthy Food

 Slim Down With Hypnosis 

Adopting a Chronobiology diet is a simple and proven method to achieve an overall well-being

Hello, I'm Dominique and I am a hypnotherapist with a focus on weight management and eating behaviors. I am specialized in the HGP method, a program based on Chronobiology. With my guidance, you will discover how to slim down by implementing a food-rebalancing diet and by improving your self-esteem and self-confidence.
As you know, most diets do not result in long-term weight loss. Worse one to two thirds of people who diet regain more weight than they originally lost, ending with a poorer outcome than when they started.
Chronobiology diet is a proven method that allows you to better understand your metabolism, to
eat everything at the right time according to your biological clock... no need to count calories!

Are you ready to make peace with food and enjoy life ?

 If so, this support plan is made for you!


Crossed Arms

Listen To Your Body 

You will reconnect with food and its purpose, ensuring your body’s proper functioning and well-being.

Without diets or deprivations, you will provide your body with what it needs every day at the right time, taking into account its biological rhythm.

Eating's true purpose is found again: you eat to sustain your body while feeling good about it

Yes, it is possible to reach your ideal weight without frustations.

You will also work on the emotions that make you currently eat or crave, sugar, chocolate or anything else that soothes you.

You will learn to resolve your conflicting relationship with food and lose weight all the while regaining a better health and well-being.


Improve your mind, your self-confidence, make peace with the traumas of the past, soothe your anxieties, your fears and your stress.

White Rocks

Listen To Your Emotions

Your desired and healthy weight is obtained naturally by listening to your body and your emotions


Chronobiology is the branch of biology that studies the natural physiological rhythms of organisms, including human beings. You will learn to eat based on your physiological needs according to the different chemical processes at play in your body during the day, which will help you to slim down. In fact, the fate of a nutrient is highly dependent on the time of day when it is eaten.  To sum in up you will learn what to eat and when to eat based on your natural rhythm. Chronobiology diet is not a restricted diet. It is a way to eat based on your physiological needs. 

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